February 28, 2017

Metal roofs seldom wear out. The are lost from lack of maintenance. Temperature changes loosen component, weather erodes the original, thick protective finish. The result is roof leaks and roof surface rust. Does the above roof look familiar?

Topps Seal® liquid applied 100% rubber system corrects this and saves unnecessary replacement expense. This comprehensive system seals and locks every fastener beneath a seamless rubber membrane that moves as needed. It adapts to any shape and performs in all climates (from Hawaii to Alaska and Iceland to South Africa).

Prep the metal roof by power washing and applying RustArrestor™ to allow for direct adhesion of the Energy Star® rated Topps system. Tighten all fasteners and replace with new as required. Seal tight with Seam/RivetGuard™. Use Seam/RivetGuard by spraying into tightened seams which eliminates the common source of most future roof leaks.

Complete the process by applying Topps Seal Base Coat at 1-1.5 gal per square followed by Topps Seal at 1-1.5 gal per square after the Base Coat has dried.

Advantages you should see are greatly reduced air conditioning needs because of roof top temperature reduction; reduced peak cooling demands (by 10-15%); your cooling equipment with operate more efficiently by reducing future roof maintenance needs; surface temperatures will be more consistent which will extend the roof life by reducing movement and shielding a hot roof from the thermal shock of cold rain. Topps Seal is a 100% shield against UV.

Reduce Your Energy Bill with Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Topps white roof coatings reflect the sun and keep your roof much cooler. See how our client saved over 24% on their AC bill.