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Use our all-rubber roof repair sealants to quickly and easily reinforce critical areas of your commercial roof, prevent moisture from penetrating deeper layers of your roof, and provide long lasting protection due to its elastomeric properties. Follow-up with our industry-leading protective roof coatings to seal your roof, provide near zero moisture permeation, and to provide energy savings. Looking for an all-in-one solution? Try our Roof Maintenance Systems that provides all of the necessary components to repair and restore your commercial roof.


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The best way to purchase Topps Products’ industry leading elastomeric roof coatings and repair products is to become a certified installer. Not only is it free, but we also offer our certified installers, and only our certified installers, several benefits.


“”From warrantied systems to roof repair / leaks…Topps Products has an outstanding line of products, customer service, and technical knowledge”

Thomas A. Mills

Vice President of Operations , Tru-Coat, Inc.

“Our Experience with Topps personnel in all areas including manufacturing, field sales and technical service…exceeded our expectations regarding support”

Nick Hecel

President, Hecel Roofing Coating Systems, Inc.

“The performance of the products is outstanding”

Jim Duncan

Project Manager, Buckley Roofing, Inc.


Q: Are some elastomeric coatings better than others? What makes them better?
A: Yes. Some have greater physical features than others. Some retain those features longer. These factors provide a good predictive, comparative value of one product relative to another.

Q: I noticed specifically that elastomeric roof coatings are sold based on more than one feature. Why is this?
A: ASTM and all other national and international tests require various physical feature minimums such as tensile strength, moisture absorption, moisture transmission rates… ability to cool a ro…

Q: Is there one physical feature considered to be most important?
A: No. That’s why ASTM, Miami/Dade County, and all others include multiple physical properties in their standards for roof coating products. Unfortunately, no one can accurately predict which will be …

Q: What are elastomeric protective coatings and why are they important?
A: Elastomeric coatings are elastic in nature, meaning they are more apt to move as needed.

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