February 28, 2017

Below is a typical situation when a building owner realizes that it’s time to take care of the thing he really hates to have to spend money on…new golf clubs! Just kidding, it’s his roof.

He usually starts out having his facility manager, if he has one, research local contractors and products, only to find there are too many and it seems they all have their own remedy – which none of them agree on.

The next part of the process begins with gathering quotes that range from roof repair to complete restoration to total replacement. What ever happened to simple roof maintenance?!

Knowing he only has a few leaks, he can’t understand why no one comes up with a solution of simple roof maintenance and making the repairs, so he can get those new golf clubs which he really needs. 😉

Yes, some roofs do need complete replacement and restoration, but it helps to find out first hand from a real expert, just what is really necessary, or is the high cost of college tuition for my contractor’s children making my roof look like a gaping money pit?

Finding a manufacturer like Topps Products, with a completely integrated line of roof restoration, maintenance and repair products is what you need. You need to know that their applicators are trained to accurately diagnose roofing problems and propose solutions that work to meet your needs, from simple repairs to complete restoration is a great place to start.

At Topps Products, we stand behind our product. So when you’re ready to get to the heart of the problem with your roof and need a professional’s opinion, don’t waste your time and money. Come to Topps Products first.

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