February 28, 2017

There are 3 ways to deal with a roof leak….
1. Ignore it (and watch your roof deteriorate)
2. Just use a roof caulk to patch the source of the roof leak
3. Fix the leak and add protection for the future

Option 1: Ignore it.
Let’s be real. If you ignore the roof leak altogether, you’re setting yourself up for major headaches and cost outlays down the road, possibly in the very near future. The roof won’t get fixed just by willing it to stop leaking. But, let’s just say you take this option of doing nothing. The roof leak is not the only issue here; the original roofing materials are deteriorating, below the surface of your existing coating. So while you have buckets to catch the leaking water, the roof itself is actually breaking down during this process, too. Water causes rust, rot and deterioration. None of which are good for your roof. And if they go unchecked, they can easily grow into larger, more costly problems (like roof replacement – ouch!)

Option 2: Just use a roof caulk to patch the leak.
Some call this the “patch and pray” method. While it can offer short-term relief from a leak by patching the source of the roof leak, it does little as far as identifying the problem and taking steps to protect the rest of the roof from problems like this in the future. Roofs don’t leak just because they want to watch you run to the store to buy buckets. They leak for a reason. And if you don’t do anything to identify the cause of that leak, chances are, you’ll be running to the finance department next time around.

Option 3: Fix the roof leak and add protection for the future.
Now you’re talking. This is a real solution to your problems. If you identify the cause of the leak, take measures to fix that leak and protect the roof for the future (oftentimes, this means applying an elastomeric roof coating to your roof, which seals and protects it), you’ll be much better off in the short- and long- term. Need help fixing your roof leak and protecting your roof for the future? Contact us at Topps Products.

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