February 28, 2017

Determining whether the skylight is leaking or if there is a condensation problem should be evaluated by an expert. Condensation forms on the inside of skylights during high humidity and sharp temperature variation conditions. This condition can occur as the humidity in your building rises or during a rain storm. You would be surprised how much condensation forms on skylights when cold rain hits them. You may need to replace the skylights or replace with metal panels and insulation to alleviate the problem.

If it is merely a skylight leak (and not condensation), it is relatively easy to stop those leaks. Building movement often loosens the flashing and fasteners that once sealed the skylights when they were new. This creates space for water to penetrate and leak through your skylight. Resealing this area with a premium rubber flashing cement, such as Topps Polyprene, in conjunction with our polyester membrane, PolyCore, will stop the flow of water into the building.

If the skylights themselves are starting to weather, our maintenance clear liquid rubber SkyCoat™ can be applied to rejuvenate the panels.

Protect Your Skylights with SkyCoat

Extends the life of fiberglass & polycarbonate skylights.