Greenweld PVB: Armored Flashing System


With aluminum reinforcement for superior strength and modified polyvinyl coating for exceptional flexibility, GreenWeld delivers dependable waterproofing protection in one monolithic sheet. Ideal for a variety of flashing applications, this system can even replace lead or zinc products used to flash and seal rooftop drains and pipes – lead free! This is the first material in the world to offer the benefits of lead without the harmful effects of actual lead. As an alternative to lead flashing products, GreenWeld is even easier, faster, and less expensive to install.


GreenWeld™ PVB Flashing Membrane

GreenWeld PVB is a monolithic sheet that provides strong waterproofing protection for a variety of flashing applications. It is made up of an aluminum mesh reinforcement bonded with a monolithic layer of modified polyvinyl butyral coating. GreenWeld can maintain flexibility in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C), providing superior performance even in the harshest weather. Not only is GreenWeld extremely malleable with up to 40% elongation, it is also easily heat-welded to itself and attached to a substrate with GreenWeld Adhesive/Sealant, making application hassle-free.


GreenWeld™ Adhesive/Sealant

GreenWeld AS is a paintable, fast curing, single-component adhesive/sealant for GreenWeld PVB system application. GreenWeld A/S delivers tough, elastic sealing performance, with excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum, wood and glass. GreenWeld A/S is solvent and isocyanate free. GreenWeld is intended for use on interior and exterior joints, including roofing, expansion wall, panel wall, window frames and more.