GreenWeld™ PVB Flashing Membrane

GreenWeld™ PVB Flashing Membrane

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GreenWeld PVB is a monolithic sheet that provides strong waterproofing protection for a variety of flashing applications. It is made up of an aluminum mesh reinforcement bonded with a monolithic layer of modified polyvinyl butyral coating. GreenWeld can maintain flexibility in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C), providing superior performance even in the harshest weather. Not only is GreenWeld extremely malleable with up to 40% elongation, it is also easily heat-welded to itself and attached to a substrate with GreenWeld Adhesive/Sealant, making application hassle-free.

GreenWeld delivers reliable waterproofing in a variety of applications, including:
• Flashing pipe penetrations and support beams
• Water barriers for cavity walls and beneath casings
• Connection between outside walls and extensions
• Liner for gutters and also for valleys of shingle, tile and aluminum metal roofs
• May contribute to LEED V4 EQ Material Resource Credit 4.1
• Joint between dormers and skylights
• Through-wall flashings
• Replacement for lead flashing in roof drain assemblies

• When applying GreenWeld, only use the approved sealant: GreenWeld Adhesive/Sealant (A/S)
• The dimple-side of the membrane must be downward facing when adhering to substrates
• Use a hot air welding gun in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
• Do not use open flames

Tools required for GreenWeld application include sharp scissors for cutting material, hot air welding gun, hand roller (steel or neoprene) and caulk gun. GreenWeld must be adhered to the substrate using GreenWeld A/S. GreenWeld is packaged with a release liner on each side of the membrane. A 2” grid printed on the release membrane allows pieces to be pre-measured easily. To begin installation, place beads of GreenWeld A/S on the substrate at 3-4” o.c. with the dimple-side of the membrane facing down. Then, press GreenWeld into the adhesive/sealant with a hand roller to ensure full contact
with the material. There should be a 2” minimum overlap of the membrane. Heat-weld seams together with a hot air welder and a flat angled tip set at manufacturer’s recommended heat settings. Seal all exposed edges of membrane with the adhesive/sealant. Installation steps vary based on the specific application; see installation guide for more details.

GreenWeld is available in 19.5’ rolls.
GreenWeld is available in three widths: 10”, 20” and 39”.

GreenWeld should be stored in a dry location and kept in an upright position in its original packaging. If stored on the roof, all product must be under a tarp at all times. Rolls and containers that are improperly stored or have been warehoused for prolonged periods of time could potentially be damaged.


Property Typical Value
Color Light Grey
0.85 lbs/ft2
Reinforcement Metallic (Aluminum)
Nominal Thickness
D 751, Micrometer

Thickness Over Reinforcement
110 mils
Reflectance Initial
C 1549
Thermal Emittance, initial
C 1371
SRI, initial
E 1980
Less than 20
Compound Stability
D 5147
150-200 Linear Feet
Three-Inch Wide Splice
ASH content, polymer only 3.18%
Breaking Strength, (lbf)
D 751, proc. B – strip
MD – 83
XD – 170
Tearing Strength, min. lbf
D 751
MD – 46
XD – 43
Low Temperature Bend (˚F)
D 2136
-60˚F Pass
Puncture Resistance (lbs)
D 751
Seam Strength, min., lbf
D 751, Grab Method
E 96, Proc. B
0.0095 perms
Fungi Resistance
G 21
Passed; zero growth in 28 days
Recycled Content 98%
Pre-Consumer 78%