For Near Zero VOC Roof Coating

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Topps Seal® WB is a durable elastomeric roof and sidewall coating for use where water-based chemistry is required. Permanently flexible water-based Topps Seal® WB provides 100% elastomeric protection that is ENERGY STAR® qualified as a top performing roof coating for cooling. The specialty weather-resistant protective finish provides protection and maintenance with zero VOC for roofs where national VOC standards do not apply. The totally synthetic coating cures fully into a seam-free membrane that self-adheres to the roof, defending against UV and weathering attack within hours. Its excellent repellency, as well as its ability to breathe moisture and block efflorescence, make this ideal for most roof types (metal roofs, BUR, modified bitumen, and concrete roofs) as well as masonry walls.

  • 100% elastomeric coating designed for zero VOC specialty applications
  • VOC compliant in all 50 states
  • Cures fully adhered to the existing roof in a seamless, protective cool roof coating
  • Excellent moisture repellency and unique ability to block efflorescence makes this ideal for most roof types, as well as masonry walls
  • ENERGY STAR® certified for superior energy savings 
  • Available in 12 standard colors with no price upgrade


Tensile strength

210 psi min (1.5 N/mm2) 


200% min 

Water vapor permeability

17.5 perms 

Thermal emittance (new/aged)


Reflectivity (new/aged) 


SRI (new/aged)




Q: What is the best roof coating to use if I live where VOCs are not permitted?
A: If you are worried that you won’t be able to coat your roof because you need a zero VOC solution, look no further. Topps Seal® WB uses water-based technology to provide a roof coating that seals to a seam-free weather resistant finish without the significant use of VOCs.  Topps Seal® WB is VOC compliant in all 50 states.

Q: In what colors can I purchase Topps Seal® WB?
A: Topps Seal® WB comes in Ultra-white, medium green, brick red, autumn gold, sandstone, graystone, medium gray, green mist, horizon blue, natural brown, smoke red, and black. Custom colors are also available at an additional charge.

Q: Are there roof coatings that actually breathe, allowing vapor to escape through the coating?
A: Yes. Topps Seal® WB is a water-based roof coating solution for Metal roofs, BUR, Modified Bitumen roofs, Concrete roofs and Masonry. It breathes and yet offers excellent moisture repellency.