For Sealing Roofs With Ponding Water

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Topps Seal® PF (Ponding Formula) provides all the weatherproofing protection of Topps Seal®, but with chemistry that adds ponding water resistance. Topps Seal PF is for all coats on any roof that ponds water in any isolated area for up to seven days after rain. This effective and extremely durable 100% rubber elastomeric roofing compound combines extensive elongation capabilities and extreme tensile strength, enabling it to meet all climate and thermal change demands which cause the early failure of weaker products. This coating, in white, meets or exceeds all Federal ENERGY STAR® specs for proven ability to drive down cooling costs at times of extreme heat. Tolerates all climates and temperatures of -40° to 140°F.

  • Permanent flexibility
  • Excellent weather, pollution, and mold resistance
  • Repels all water – won’t wick or transmit moisture
  • Used for all coats on roofs that pond water in any isolated area for up to 7 days that remain damp after rain
  • Energy Savings – meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards


Wet material: typical product characteristics


118 – 125 K.U.

Weight per gallon

8.6 – 9.0 lb.

Solids total

49 – 52%

Flashpoint of solvent

104° F



Dry to touch @ 77° F (50% rel. humidity)

4 hours


Cured coating: typical performance properties

Ultimate Elongation

900% min

Ultimate tensile strength

1500 psi min. (10.3 N/mm2) 

Peel Adhesion

3.4 pli

Water vapor permeability

0.1 perms

Moisture absorption (7 day submersion)


Service Temperature

-40° – 140° F



Q: Will a roof coating still last if water pools on my roof, sometimes for days at a time?
A: For roofs with ponding water and residual moisture, it is essential that you use a sealing product that is designed to withstand ponded water. Topps Seal® PF (Ponding Formula) is specifically designed to withstand the stress of ponding water on your roof in any isolated area for up to 7 days and remain damp after rain. The interlinking network of components unify into a seam-free single ply layer of rubber that applies a virtual lock onto existing roofing membranes. The result: a highly elastic, seamless top layer that adds new weathering protection to your existing roof, without new roof costs.

Q: Can I use a sealing formula to protect against ponding water and still reap the cooling benefits of other reflective sealants?
A: Yes. Topps Seal® PF provides not only excellent water proofing and long-term water protection, it also protects against UV rays and meets ENERGY STAR® standards for cooling.

Q: For what type of roof is Topps Seal® PF suitable?
A: Topps Seal® PF Seals metal, BUR, modified bitumen, and concrete roofs.  It is NOT a suitable product for use over aluminum roof coatings.

Q:  If my roof retains water for more than 7 days, will Topps Seal PF help?
A:  We don’t recommend this product for an area that has ponding water for more than 7 days.