The Ultimate Protective Roof Coating

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Topps Seal® Excel represents the ultimate ENERGY STAR®, high performance protective maintenance roof coating. It utilizes Topps’ exclusive 100% synthetic thermoplastic technology and environmental barrier. Resin rich Topps Seal® Excel has all of the characteristics of standard-grade Topps Seal®, along with accelerated physical properties that exceed 1000% elongation and an ultimate tensile strength of 2250 psi. It retains ENERGY STAR® standards even after aging, which exceeds standards for new coating performance.

Topps Seal® Excel is used across all continents, including the Antarctic. It can be used on Metal, Modified Bitumen, BUR, PUF, Concrete, and EPDM roofs.

  • Permanent flexibility
  • Excellent weather, pollution, and mold resistance
  • Waterproof – near zero permeation
  • Repels all water – won’t wick or transmit moisture
  • Ultimate rust and corrosion protection
  • Elongates to 1000% with no micro-fissures
  • Energy Savings – exceeds ENERGY STAR®, Miami-Dade County requirements
  • Quick moisture resistance in just 1-4 hours



118-125 K.U.

Weight per gallon

8.8 – 9.2 lb.


49% min.

Flashpoint of solvent

104° F



Ultimate elongation

1000% min.

Ultimate tensile strength

2250 psi min.

Perm Rating

0.18 perms

Adhesive bond (rating 1-5)

5 (best)

Peel Adhesion

2.4 pli

Moisture absorption (7 day submersion)


Heat stability

140° F

Cold stability

-40° F

Water vapor permeability

0.18 perms 



Thermal emittance (new/aged)


Resistance to corrosion


Industrial pollutants






Q: Why use Topps Seal® Excel to coat my industrial roof?
A: Topps Seal® Excel offers the ultimate performance coating for industrial and commercial roofs available. With elongation of 1000% with no micro-fissures, you can be sure that it will last and protect your roof in even the most difficult and variable conditions. It provides protection against rust and mold and the white color impacts the cooling capacity of your roof enough that it is ENERGY STAR® certified, even after wear.

Q: How do I know when to choose Topps Seal® Excel versus your regular grade Topps Seal®?
A: Topps Seal® Excel offers the best cooling protection and strength in drastic weather conditions. If your commercial or industrial building is in an area with a variable or difficult climate, the added elongation and superior strength are your best option for a long-lasting roof seal. If you aren’t sure what product to choose, get in touch we can help.

Q: In what colors is Topps Seal® Excel Available?
A: Topps Seal® Excel comes in Ultra-white, medium green, brick red, autumn gold, sandstone, graystone, medium gray, green mist, horizon blue, natural brown, smoke red, and black. Custom colors are also available at an additional charge.