The First Layer of an Economical Roof Coating Job

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Topps Seal® Base Coat for EPDM/PVC all-rubber elastomeric provides an economical foundation layer to Topps Seal® coating systems being installed on EPDM and PVC roof surfaces. The enhanced added adhesive package works with permanently flexible rubbers to provide superior bonding. The Topps Seal® finish coat becomes inseparable as these two layers meet and fuse together. The completed combination of elongation capabilities and tensile strength provide superior resistance to meet all climate and thermal change demands.

Topps Seal® Base Coat for EPDM/PVC should be followed by Topps Seal® PVC formula for PVC roofs, and with standard Topps Seal® over EPDM.

  • Permanent flexibility
  • Strong bonding with special built-in primers for simplified use to re-cover EPDM/PVC roofs
  • Repels all water – won’t wick or transmit moisture
  • Ultimate rust and corrosion protection


Wet material: typical product characteristics


115 – 120 K.U.

Weight per gallon

8.9 – 9.3 lb.

Flashpoint of solvent

104° F



Dry to touch @ 77° F (50% rel. humidity)

~ 4 hours


Cured coating: typical performance properties

Ultimate elongation

550% min.

Ultimate tensile strength

1000 psi min.

Peel Adhesion

4.0 pli

Water vapor permeability

0.25 perms

Moisture absorption (7 day submersion)

0.50% max



Q: What color is Topps Seal® EPDM/PVC Base Coat?
A: Topps Seal® EPDM/PVC Base Coat comes in off-white only.

Q: Will I end up with seams in the surface of my roof coating if I’m using a base coat?
A: The interlinking network of components of Topps Seal® EPDM/PVC Base Coat and Topps Seal® unify into a seam-free, single-ply layer of rubber that applies a virtual lock onto existing roofing membranes.

Q: Will my roof be completely waterproof with the application of Topps Seal® EPDM/PVC Base Coat?
A: Topps Seal® EPDM/PVC Base Coat repels all water and won’t wick moisture, but you must always finish your project with Topps Seal® (for EPDM roofs) or Topps Seal® PVC (for PVC roofs) to complete the waterproofing process and have a totally waterproof roof.