Repairs Gutter Leaks and Prevents Roof Damage

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When gutters leak, problems are just beginning. Deterioration rapidly grows, leaks increase, and replacement soon becomes inevitable.

However, there is an alternative: reline your gutters with a seamless rubber system. Topps® GutterGuard® is the answer. Use GutterGuard® to seal and reline all types of gutters.

This extremely tough, remarkable rubber liner goes on by spray or brush, making a perfect custom fit every time. Because it’s made using 100% rubber, GutterGuard® prevents further moisture attack, giving your gutter a durable seal. GutterGuard’s amazing ability to cling to edges works where you need it most — giving extra protection at seams and rivets.

With GutterGuard®, water and debris build up—a common source for rust and corrosion to develop—is blocked out. After installation of GutterGuard®, your system will flow better and will require less cleaning.

GutterGuard® is the premier liquid gutter sealant.

  • Seals and relines all types of gutters
  • Tough, hard, and flexible all rubber liner that flows on with spray or brush and becomes seamless when cured onto clean, old metal
  • Prevents further moisture attack – provides seamless seal for gutters


Quantity and Color:
(Sold in 3-gallon pails.)


Ultimate elongation


Ultimate tensile strength

1000 p.s.i.

Water vapor permeability

0.25 perms


50% min.





Q: How much gutter sealant do I need for my roofing project?
A: Expect to use about two gallons of GutterGuard® per 100 square feet of gutter.

Q: How is GutterGuard® applied?
A: GutterGuard® should be applied with a brush or by spray.

Q: What if I have stubborn rust on my gutter surface?
A: Before using GutterGuard®, treat the rusted areas with Topps® RustArrestor™ and rinse thoroughly.  Gutters must be completely clean and dry before application.