James T. Thomas

President and CEO


James T. Thomas, President and CEO, oversees strategic planning, sales, and operations across 41 countries and growing.

James’ appointment follows twenty years of honorable service in the United States Navy, where he held positions of significant responsibility indiverse matters of finance, supply and logistics, and interfacing closely with senior U.S. and allied officials; all of which have shaped his guidance well and positioned him for managing the firm’s growth along with those of our partners.

James Thomas carries a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from the University of Kansas, with a concentration in Petroleum Management and International Business. In addition, he is a certificate recipient from the Stanford University Executive Program in Strategy and Organization.

As James speaks business-level Japanese and German, is conversant in Spanish and French, he is uniquely positioned to understand and serve your needs. He has extensive familiarity with the business protocol of many regions, in particular Asia, Europe, and Africa. He therefore often engages firsthand cementing global partnerships.

His facilities management experience over the years has allowed James to compare and observe various products used on facilities around the world to maintain high value structures, which is where James first gained knowledge of Topps and the products they produce. His vision is to expand upon this by working with partners to bring Topps’ products to broader markets, providing facility owners/managers more viable options to service their facility waterproofing needs, reduce maintenance costs, and contribute that important component of energy savings, as required.


Wayne Altizer

Vice President of Business Development

Wayne joins the Topps® team with a quick ability to understand and support your needs regardless of your perspective. Wayne began his career as a General Contractor specializing in commercial renovations from the top down.

Bob Arnold

Vice President Logistics & Field Support

Bob Arnold’s nearly 20 years of service to the firm covering various strategic leadership roles, positions him ideally to provide various requirements supporting the growth and expansion of Topps’ U.S. operations.

Ross Stover

National Sales Manager

Ross Stover, National Sales Manager for Topps Products, Inc. brings a vast array of experiences to the table.

Larry Roe

Account Manager

Larry Roe joined Topps as Account Manager for Topps Products, Inc., directly after years of experience with one of the country’s oldest roofing firms of over 100 years.